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Game News: Nintendo 3DS - Details

Game News: Nintendo 3DS - Details
10 Jan 2011 11:25:32

Am I the only one interested in Nintendo 3DS here?

Nintendo 3DS is heading for retail on 26th February 2011 at a suggested retail price of 25,000 yen (~$390).

The 3DS will be available in Aqua Blue and Cosmo Black flavors, battery information was updated, Nintendo’s 3DS takes 3 hours 30 minutes to fully charge but play time for 3DS games is between 3 to 5 hours while play time for DS games is 5 hours to 8 hours.

Based on 3DS’s official website update, a retail package of the 3DS will consist of the following:
- Nintendo 3DS system
- Charging cradle
- AC adapter
- Touch pen
- 2GB SD Memory Card
- 6 AC Cards (for use with compatible software)
- Startup Guide
- Instruction Manual
- Warranty Card

Along with the system package, there are some built-in software into the new 3DS:
- Nintendo 3DS Camera
- Nintendo 3DS Sound
- Mii Studio
- Street Pass Mii Plaza (Surechigai Mii Hiroba)
- AR Games
- Activity Log (Omoide Kirokucho)
- Face Shooting (Kao Shooting)
- Internet Browser

The face shooting software is a worthy mention as it is actually a game that captures turns your friends’ faces into enemies and the surroundings into stages, using the 3DS’s camera. The faces will approach you and you throw balls to keep it away.

Having said all this, games are still the most important component in Nintendo 3DS. Fortunately, or rather unfortunately, there are only 8 games available upon launch, with most of them coming in Spring 2011:
- Nintendogs + cats (4,800 yen)
- Winning Eleven 3DSoccer (5,800 yen)
- Combat of Giants Dinosaur 3D (5,040 yen)
- Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (4,800 yen)
- Samurai Warriors Chronicle (6,090 yen)
- Puzzle Bobble 3D (4,980 yen)
- Ridge Racer 3D (6,090 yen)
- Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (5,980 yen)

Much to everyone’s amusement, Nintendo made some nice yet humorous CMs for the 3DS, now watch as the folks in the CM go Oooooh:

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Jobibi (USA)
10 Jan 2011, 20:05:37
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I'm interested in a 3DS, for Professor Layton if nothing else (Layton is after all, the reason I got DS in the first place). My biggest problem with it is the ABYSMAL battery life. I have hell enough keeping my old DS Lite at a decent charge. If they're going to try to sell it with such bad battery time, they need to make it so you can easily swap out the lithium brick, and sell them at a reasonable price.

Blue as the second launch color is a bit of a surprise. I would have expected white or red. I still want to try to hold my hopes for a nice purple like back on the GBA. That thing was so pretty~
KururuSouchou (USA)
11 Jan 2011, 02:18:44
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For now, I think I'm going to wait until they do a price cut six months or so down the line (like they've done with every one of their past handhelds). At that point, there'll be more games to choose from. But the lineup of launch and future titles looks pretty impressive - they've even managed to port a number of PS3/360 fighters (Super Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift, and there'll probably be more to come - I'd love a portable Tatsunoko vs. Capcom) with minimal compromise in graphics/gameplay. And then there's the OoT remake, the MGS2 remake, a new Mario Kart, a new Paper Mario, Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright, new Star Fox and Kirby installments, and more...
Glory (Russia)
11 Jan 2011, 05:55:56
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I haven't cleared up the full list of the future games yet. Really hope there will be enough Japanese VNs and RPG-style games. Being a girl, I'm not very interested in fightings, you know. Though I do feel the same about the price.. and I'm happy to see I'm not the only one looking forward to touch the 3DS.
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
ToonAddict (USA)
11 Jan 2011, 04:28:20
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I've already reserved my system at my local Gamestop two weeks ago. All that's left for me to do now while I wait for the system to come out:

1. Endure the next month (and the two cons that I'm going to), as saving for the system won't happen until Katsucon is over.

2. Figure out which game to buy first from the games that will come out with the US release of the system.
Glory (Russia)
11 Jan 2011, 06:07:35
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What color did you choose?
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
ToonAddict (USA)
11 Jan 2011, 06:13:10
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I haven't decided on a color yet, since they haven't revealed the launch colors for the United States 3DS yet.

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