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Holidays Discovery

Holidays Discovery
20 Jan 2010 11:31:40

Hello, dear diary ~^_^~

Aah... I am definitely not that type of person who manages to get fun out of describing things he did during the day. I'm too shy to bother people with stuff like that. Yeah, and too lazy.

The problem is I passed through my last exams and now have what is called 'vacation'. But I got used to that I have millions of things to do and millions of people to meet so much, that now - when I have time for myself - I feel kinda confused and lonely ;(
However, I spent last day pottering around and discovered lot's of amusing things about myself and the world around me. Here are some:

I discovered that the end of Zero no Tsukaima Princess no Rondo is not that bad. I began to watch the third season back when it was an ongoing, but got so disappointed after a couple series, that I dropped it.
Personally I have a big sympathy for Louise. Although I usually prefer more serious and dramatic anime.

And who is your fave character?

Then I decided to gladden my dear 'shelf' users with more figurines photos and discovered what a crappy photographer I am. Gosh, I'm still not sure how to deal with unusual lighting. Gotta ask Vallefor to give me a hand when he has free time.

See what I'm talking about?

While 'playing' with figurines I stumbled upon a fact I never noticed before. Saber Lily nendo has a joint in her pony-tail, which makes it possible to slightly move her hair for more dynamic poses. Did yo know it? Just like this:

Later I visited my doctor who practices Tibetan medicine and discovered my weight is 46.9 kg. Wow! Four years ago I weighed about 49-50 kg. Am I getting smaller?

In the evening I finally became a happy owner of this super-popular Black Rock Shooter Cannon Version. Once I waited for it so impatiently, that got somehow tired about everything connected to this figurine - thanks to great Russian EMS post-service.
I received it in exactly the same monstrous box Eld did (I ordered it from Hobby Search as well). I read a lot about guys getting shocked by its size. But only yesterday I discovered how huge it is. On one hand, the manufacturers box could be smaller (yeah, it really could); on the other it looks very safe in here and I'm the one who already received broken figurines, so I can't be angry about it. This new box is one of biggest withing my ‘boxes collection’ :D Another one which is pretty bulky is our Winter Lottery prize box; but Teni is a big figurine itself.

Impressive, huh?

And the thing I discovered before going to bed was how many bugs our new anime database has. Lots of things still need to be done! Ah, at least I won’t be bored. Thank to all who provided the information for this section. Keep it on! And I will care for everything to work correctly :)
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pluvia33 (USA)
20 Jan 2010, 23:55:08
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1. Glad to see you got some enjoyment out of season 3 in the end. Louise is easily my favorite character with Tabitha right behind her. I also found Kirche to be very enjoyable after she hooked up with Colbert-sensei. Such an amusing relationship. Actually, I think I get at least some enjoyment out of everyone in the cast. It's a fun group of characters.

2. Don't feel bad. I suck, too. XP
I probably should have had my dad teach me a few things while I was staying with my parents for the holidays. He's a professional photographer who recently switched to digital.

3. Hahaha, I've had a few moments like that. Having something for months, or sometimes even years, and then realizing, "holy crap! I didn't know it could do that!" Though for the life of me I can't think of any examples right now. =P

4. You're shrinking!!! XD

5. Congratulations of your new figure and getting your big ass box! ^_^

6. I'll be sure to help with that as much as I can. I think I'll start with Zero no Tsukaima since I'm already thinking about it. :)
Glory (Russia)
21 Jan 2010, 06:55:33
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Omg! Your Dad is a pro photographer? Why didn't you consult him about the camera and other stuff?
Aaah! You should take advantage of it! :D
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While you so softly do sleep...
pluvia33 (USA)
21 Jan 2010, 13:10:56
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Yeah, he mostly does wedding pictures, family pictures, and school sport teams and such. I didn't talk to him much about the camera thing when I was there because I had just ordered it then and didn't think I'd have any problems. I was thinking about calling him to talk about it when I was having trouble taking good pictures, but when I found out that it was defective I decided I'd just return it. I'll definitely talk to him more about it next time I'm over there, though I don't know when that will be. It's about a 3.5 hour drive to my parent's place so it's not exactly short enough to just casually drop in. =P

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