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First post, and more...

First post, and more...
18 Nov 2009 01:25:44

So I discovered this site about 12 hours ago, and decided to get myself acquainted. As someone who had a bit of hard time finding other people with similar hobbies, this looked like a great idea.

So here I am, toiling at my first blog post.

I also noticed that more than half the figures I own at this point aren't listed here :/, which I intend to correct given time. As well, I'll post little tidbits about the figures I submitted to the database, for lols and giggles.

So here I go.

Red Stone Lancer

My most recently acquired piece. The overall character design is commonplace, actually. Fairly standard leather armour full pieces (leather corset, gloves & boots) with metal ornaments, comely brown/blonde hair, topped off with red cloak and skirt.

Yet when I look at the figure, it looks brilliant. I can't quite put my finger on what makes the figure so attractive, but I clearly liked it enough to display it on the front of the upper shelf. A masterpiece that I don't regret a single penny paid for it. Even with the outrageous EMS rates I was charged for getting it delivered.

Unfortunately, I managed to snap the lower end of the trident when I was first assembling it. The piece was cleanly broken though (and it looked like I would've been able to detach it, just like the top piece), and a bit of super glue took care of that painful mistake. As well, the bottom and the top refused to fit no matter how hard I dared to try. I took out my trusty hobby knife, and after shedding some pvc pieces, it finally gave in.

I did get curious about the original character, so I went snooping around. Here's the original character from the game Red Stone.

Nothing like the figure, isn't it?

School Swim Suit Mecha Nurse Girl Nana Megami Magazine Creaters vol.8 illustrated by Komatsu Eiji

Tiresomely long official title. The girl's name is Nana, and it's based off of a front page illustration of Megami Magazine Creaters vol. 8 by Komatsu Eiji. His homepage is http://www.alpha-net.ne.jp/users2/co2a/, so check out his homepage for pictures of pure awesome. Personally, the fact that he illustrated Planetarian is more than enough to worship him as a demi-god of some sorts. More on Planetarian at later points in time.

There are quite a bit of (re)movable parts on this one: The wings and the backpack holding the wings together, the halo-like thing around her waist, the needle gun (?) on her right arm, the two operating knives, the thermostats in her panties, her overalls, her panties and her head. Her head is jointed such that if you remove her gun, it can be repositioned slightly to face different directions. As is, the gun obstructs the movement by wedging the long twin-tail to the back of the backpack.

I've uploaded one picture I found of the front cover of Megami Magazine Creater's vol. 8 (from Amazon, of all places), but I also found another picture of the same, except this one was larger and colour-corrected such that it looks faded. Since it'd be a waste not to put it somewhere after all that searching, here it is.

[Nitro Super Sonic] Super Soniko Valentine Ver.

The only reason I initially bought this figure is because I was so taken with the character's illustrations.Here's a great example of one of the tamer pictures.

I kept track of the character for a long while, so when this character was announced as PVC, I didn't think twice before clicking that pre-order button. The apron seemed ugly, but it was castoff-able, so who cares?!

But there's always dark cloud hanging over things that seem too good to be true...

While putting things together for the figure, I noted that the anchors for the feet are too far apart, such that I had to strain myself to put the feet over the hole. Then the anchors wouldn't fit into the hole, so I did some hobby-knifing to increase the size of the holes, which seemed to work...

...until about a week or two later when the figure fell flat on its face. I did all sorts of things to keep it in place, and keeping it short, I ended up wedging a folded piece of paper on one of her feet to balance the model. But since then, there's been an ugly discolouration/warping on her right foot, due to extended stress during those first weeks.

Since then, the figure's been a sore sight to my eyes.

So there are the three uploaded today, with a dash of my own babbles. Hopefully I'll get a chance to upload some more at a later time.
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usagi_joou (Russia)
18 Nov 2009, 00:15:40
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Welcome, Eld-san!
About Red Stone Lancer - I think it's the pose that caught your attention. It is natural and balanced. For our brain usually balanced = harmonious = beautiful.

About Mecha Nurse - not really my type of figures, mecha-loli^^, but I loved her twin tails. And I found thermostats in her panties really hilarious XD. Moreover I misread "her panties and her head" - "her panties on her head" XD

About Super Soniko - she is really cute. I often thought of buying myself a castoffable figure but I'm afraid my family won't understand if I'd put it on display =

Shelf's database is (on our current stage, at least) is a kind of collective farm^^ So thanks for your help, and <i>kore kara tanomu</i>!
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
Eld (Canada)
18 Nov 2009, 03:11:12
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My family probably would go up in flames if they knew they were castoff-able :P

I usually keep my castoff-able figures clothed - other than rare exceptions (like Soniko), I prefer clothed figures. Otherwise, I try to carefully conceal them behind other figures...
Nessuno può emendarsi dal peccato che scorre nelle vene
No one can escape the sin that flows in their veins
Glory (Russia)
18 Nov 2009, 02:45:47
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Great introduction! A very interesting one :)

I found many people, who don't collect anything themselves, believe that buying a figure is the simplest thing. How wrong they are! Because there are so many difficulties and those "dark clouds" you mentioned...

The first thing I noticed was that all three figurines were manufactured by Orchid Seed. Many men many minds, but I obviously can not call that maker a best one (compared to Good Smile Company and others).

Nana is cute! But I should admit I'm not into androids (the only one I like is Mahoro from Mahoromatic), so I don't care much about this figure. But, well... looking at manufacturer pics it's hard to believe you can undress her completely o_O Wow! That's curious!

Then... Sonic! Gosh, when I first saw you have Sonic, I almost started to get jealous. I wanted that figure badly! Illustrations or not, I found her a masterpiece! She made my mouth water, really. I have been looking at shops selling her for 2 weeks or more. Until she was discontinued T_T Why didn't I purchase her? Ah, well... partly because that time I didn't have lots of spare money, partly because I already had one Orchid Seed figure and was slightly disappointed with its quality. It was Fumie actually. And after that I promised myself to ignore Orchid seed figures, however good they may look at promo-pics.
So, after I fully read you post, I realized that maybe I was right when I managed to resist her charm. Poor poor you! :(

And Lancer... It seems to be an ordinary one. Although I admit, I had experience when a shady looking figure appeared to become a real treasure. That's why I can understand your feelings. And her face is so gentle. Myself, I have a similar hair-style now ^^ Wanna go vote for her :)

Almost forgot - what do you think about photographing? Do you have a camera? These figurines aren't very popular, it will be great if you upload some custom pics :)
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
Eld (Canada)
18 Nov 2009, 03:20:57
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Only because it was more convenient taking info/pics off of the same official site :P They're actually my only Orchid Seed figures (I think. I might be wrong on that account...but we'll see).

I'll probably have to forgo on the photographing for now... I've tried on several occasions to photograph my figures and make it look semi-decent, but I haven't figured it out yet. Maybe I need a better camera/tool/scenery. Maybe I just suck as this :) Here's a sample of my most recent attempt (also, figures to add to database)

Nessuno può emendarsi dal peccato che scorre nelle vene
No one can escape the sin that flows in their veins
Glory (Russia)
18 Nov 2009, 06:19:38
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Actually I didn't try to prevent you from buying Orchid Seed figures. Mb I'm wrong and some of them are really well-maid. But my Fumie isn't (I suppose), and when I realized you had problems with their figurines too, I thought: "Aha! Orchid Seed again!".

Talking about this pic of yours, isn't it glass here? It's hard to take photos through glass (or in front of it). Better take figurines out, get a proper light and well - you can also think out a background, if you like. But I'm a newbie-photographer myself T_T
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
Vallefor (Russia)
18 Nov 2009, 08:41:38
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Hehe.. You said you prefer clothed figures... But what do we have here? Is it your 'hentai' section? :))

Give us more pics!! :)))
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