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Bunch of random ramblings

Bunch of random ramblings
02 Apr 2010 03:41:10

Been busy until today, mainly because it's time for me to get my gears cranking for the thesis. The first draft is due soon, and I'd sort of like to graduate :).

I've been talking to a prof at the school and he accepted me to being one of his students for Ph.D. program, so I'm very, very happy. My life for the next 4 years is set in stone now, working under him to get my doctoral degree in Aerospace :D. He's also specializing in a particular topic I was interested in since undergrad, so it's doubly wonderful for me :D.

On other random news, I was initially worried about some of you after the news about bombing, but I guess none of you are personally affected? It'd be good to hear more about it.

Other than that, I'm slated to receive a package of 4 figures from AmiAmi soon. Posts and photo reviews will follow once I receive them :D.

On the related note, I'm running out of shelf space again, and thinking of selling off some of the figures. I'm wondering if any of you would mind or be interested in postings of some set of figures I'm planning to sell. Basically thinking of auctioning them off on ebay, after checking if anyone wants it from here :).

That's about it for now. More ramblings to follow along comments.
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Glory (Russia)
02 Apr 2010, 02:53:03
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Ah, Eld :) Nice to hear from you. Sounds like you're doing great.
Sure, you are welcome to create a "Selling some figures" post.

As to the bombings... Well, yes, there were two acts of terror inside Moscow subway (underground) in its centre. They had around 40-minutes interval between them. About 40 people were killed, lots of injured. It happened early in the morning during the rush hour, yet many of the citizens were still at home. Main TV channels seemed to be forbidden to announce the news - because the Government was afraid of panic, I guess. However, it was all over the Internet soon, so lots of people decided to stay home this day. Vallefor didn't go to his work and my classes were partly cancelled.

I created a small post in Russian mainly to sound everyone out if they were ok. Yap, I guess no one from the community got affected. Things like this can happen in every country, but unfortunately we've been having too many these days in Russia. I know some people who were injured in the previous ones.
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Eld (Canada)
02 Apr 2010, 17:21:25
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Good to hear that.

Also, I guess I'll start taking some photos of the figures I'll be selling them :)
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usagi_joou (Russia)
02 Apr 2010, 10:35:51
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Hi, Eld, I also glad to hear from you! I'm happy to hear that you are on your way to Ph.D! It's always great to know more of fellow figure-collectors non-figure life, especially when there are good news^^

I, myself, studied in a University that had no connection to my real needs and ambitions... So I'm always happy to see that someone out there is studying things he likes^_^
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?

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