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The month of love is ENDING!

The month of love is ENDING!
29 Feb 2012 03:10:03

So to to help in the aid of farewell to this month this article shall be dedicated to powerful team ups!

Our first power couple! *drumroll please*

Naraku(Inuyasha) and Orochimaru(Naruto)

Yes we are all screwed. These back-stabbing, mind bending, manipulative bastards would make a excellent team in ether world should there be a cross-over.
Orochimaru in inuyasha: Due to his speed, intelligence, powerful moves, and sword skills Orochimaru would do well in this world proving even a match for inuyasha, and since he is not a demon holy spells would prove useless, and agianst Lord Fluffy he could still prove to be a good foe. With his intellegance and the help of his cursed seal, he could easily get ahold of a few human and orge or stupid demons into loyal minions pretty soon. When teamed up with Naraku Orochimaru will have an endless supply of demonic powered bodies to transfer his soul into and with his cursed seal Naraku will have a endless supply of bodies to power up with.

Naraku in Naruto: Naraku with his charm, slight mind control and special power to find and cause chaos causing problems, will allow him to gain control of simple minded power-seeking shinobi and take over a small village giving him the bodies need to make small army to seek out and kidnap others so he can make a body part generated half demon army to take over other villages. And with his body nearly impossible to destroy since he can flee with only a fraction of his body remaining or Regenerate completly from a host(as seen in one of the movies) Will have the villages running around like chickens without heads looking for a soultion to get rid of him. When teamed up with Orochimaru They will feed off each other by supplying and generating bodies. ( Also it is possible that when he finds out about the Akatsuki he will try to find some way of controling the group)

The chance of these two being a succesful team is 42-79% If they don't back stab each other in thier greedy quest for power and revenge.

Group 2!
Goku(DBZ) and Chase Young(Xialion Showdown)

We shall do Chase Young in the DBZ world as a sayian

With thier speed and power and Chase's intelligence This team is truely unstoppable. With Goku's God-like power levels for energy attacks and Chase young's Power and all knowing knowledge of the Kun fu arts this duo will have and enemy tried out quickly dodging spine breaking kicks and mind blowing barrages of energy beam missiles. When they do make contact this duo will end the battle quickly with pinball combos that will make any foe wish they never heard of Earth.

This power couple has a 100%success rate...that is until Chase young turns evil then it shall become a battle of the ages!

Ok folks this is our last couple and its!

Marik(Yu-Gi-Oh), Snoozer(Hamtaro), and somebody really good at building transmission devices

Ok Marik with his milliuem rod has the abilighty to control peoples minds. He takes over the mind of the the ech guy that builds a transmitter machine. Marik then sync's Snoozer's brain with the machine making everybody in the city asleep he then creates a army of mindwashed zombies to seek and retrive the milieum items and bring it to him. Then he takes over the world. Though this could only affect the Yami's host leaving the past memories in control full time so he would still have to work for it.

Chance of the power group working 90-100%

Well that's it for now check later for another article!
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