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Dengeki Nurse, Inazuma Kirara, Pink Figure

Dengeki Nurse, Inazuma Kirara, Pink Figure
10 Aug 2012 06:30:08

I went to CTCon 2012 and bought a couple of "Random" figures.
And when I say random, I mean, no boxes, no lables, no stickers, just pre-opened, never sold, and practically nameless characters from a discount bin. Each figure I bought was $2.00 each.
One of which was this strange clear pink figure:

It took a while to figure out who the hell she was or where she came from. The clues we had were this syringe like gun she came with and her semi-unique hair style. The biggest clue was the company name(?) on the base.
"F&C Co."
I've never heard of them, but after a lot of searching, we finally found out whom she was.

Inazuma Kirara From Dengeki Nurse! (電撃ナース)
The lead character to an ecchi-adult PC game from a company called Cocktail Soft in 1992.

"Dengeki Nurse (aka. Electro-Shock Nurse) is the first minion dispatched from the evil organization, "Black Cross," at the start of the first title. However, after failing her mission, she is quickly reformed and fights her former colleagues in the name of good." - GiantBomb.com

Though looking at screen shot of the game their really isn't much porn per-say, it's still listed as a porn game and I guess at the time of it's release was popular enough to obtain a sequel, Dengeki Nurse 2: More sexy. I'm not sure which game- if even any specific game (1 or 2), this figure is from.

Regardless it was pretty surprising and kinda funny to find out that the character of this figure was from an adult game.

Anyway, about the figure- from what I've found out, the figure was actually manufactured by a company called Star Corporation (スターコーポレーション).
She was a part of a series of blind boxes called F&C Character Collection 2. Which featured a handful of 6 different anime girls from adult anime games.

The figures were released in 2002 and sold for 500Yen each (like $6.00 USD) which is funny for me because I bought her for $2.00. Lol.
She was originally sculpted by Miyagawa Takeshi, and isn't at all considered rare nor popular.

I will say though, because of mine's unique coloring, I think she was probably a "rare" as far as this collection is concerned. I don't know for sure, but, a lot of blind boxes in my experience will sometimes have rare 'clear' version figures you can get and are just slightly more rare then the colored versions seen on the box.
That's my explanation for mine's unique coloring/lack of anyway.

Moving on, a little personal review of the figure herself:

She stands about 4.5" tall and with the exception of her gun, she's very flimsy and almost rubbery feeling. I'm not entirely sure she's pvc because of how strange she feels, but I've held flimsy pvcs before.
Her gun however is oddly hard in comparison. Her gun feels like hard plastic with no give. This might've been done prevent the syringe tip from breaking off, which is a nice thought but even the color is slightly darker then the actual figure. One top of that, upon assembly, she don't actually have anything to hold the gun with. (In the picture I leaned it against her.)
I almost thought that the syringe gun was a piece added mistake and might've belonged to another figure.

Other then that the rest of the figure fits together nicely.... however... holds VERY poorly. I'm not sure if it's the flimsy/smoothness of the plastic or if it's "b-slots" are too big for the push in parts- but her legs fall off ALOT and so does her back piece (which is like a battery/rocket pack?). It would fall off so often that it's not even in the pictures I took.

Finally, her pose- it's very typical anime girl and given the character is fitting and I actually kinda like it. She has a thin stand to keep up her back leg and keep her balanced and she's cute with her back leg kicked up and corny peace sign.

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mikki_malu (Russia)
10 Aug 2012, 06:50:20
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That's a very unusual sort of figure :) She looks like some very first variant of BRShooter :D
Bingk (USA)
10 Aug 2012, 08:25:50
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Lol. I wish!
I LOVE BRShooter.
I actually pick this one out because of her gun. Lol.

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