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Hey all! It's that time of year when you give, give, give to others and maybe yourself, haha. I decided to treat myself with some gifts for myself (sort of to make up for not being able to participate with this year's SS. Oh well, next year definitel...
Ahegyao USA
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http://www.majiroxnews.com/2010/11/13/japan-post-to-stop-parcels-to-us/ As some of you have known, due to the recent Yemeni Bomb Scares, the Japan Post is now restricting packages sent to the US by 453 grams (1 pound). Effective Wednesday, Novembe...
Ahegyao USA
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Haven't blogged in a long while, but finally decided to do so because of rekindled interest. To start things up, I'll be uploading what I got from my trip at the Philippines. The toy and hobby shops there are great that they offer a wide range of ani...
Ahegyao USA
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