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The Batman (2022)

The Batman (2022)
04 Jul 2022 16:01:05

Every generation has its own Batman. My Batman was from 1989, and I liked it very much. He was easily in the top 5 of my favourite superheroes and my Batman toys were the ones designed after that particular image. I didn't know the name of the actor (Michael Keaton), and I didn't care. I didn't know the director's name (Tim Burton), and I didn't care either. When I started to care about Tim Burton during my angsty teenage years, I didn't know he was actually the one who filmed that Batman.

Since then, there have been many new Batmans. Just when the latest version of Batman was starting to look cringy, the reboot was done. In general, they were darker, and edgier. With each year Batman moved further from Hero to Anti-hero. Which is funny, because 1989 was the post-punk/gothic era, and it should have been the darkest of all.

Nolan's Batman — I didn't care. Only watched the second film and only because of Joker.
Joaquin Phoenix — I didn't care.
Suicide Squad — god, that was a shitty movie.
Watching comic movies in general now felt like a chore. They spoke kidalt's language I did not understand.

This new Batman I expected to be the one targeted at zoomers, and I expected it to be sort of Tik-Tok style. To my surprise, there was Nirvana as the main music theme, and now Bruce Wayne had smokey eyes and emo bangs. He was sad, and gloomy, obviously traumatised and in his inner dialogues he talked openly about the wounds on his soul etc. So yeah, I was surprised. The last emo boy died in 2011, the last goth boy died three years before him. And now, in 2022, emo has returned, like bell-bottom jeans. Is it how zoomers really look like behind their perfect hair and sparkling makeup?

There is a difference in this goth comeback though. 1989 year goths were not actually sad and depressed. They were decadent (mostly because they liked the image), sort of Byronic, but in their worldview there always was some kind of silver lining. They believed in love, in truth, in kindness to friends and strangers. They just thought these things were rare, but "it can't rain all the time".

I don't think zoomers believe in it any more. They are much more jaded, cynical, "black-pilled", depressed, traumatised, screwed in their heads with technology our outdated stone age brain was impossible to adapt to. They are not decadent, they are outright nihilistic. This shit is really dark.

Will there be new vampires, I wonder? Creatures of the dark, their renewed image might tell as much about our society as the image of Romero's zombies said about the consumerist society of the 1970's.
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