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Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei shitemita.

Alter titles:
Учёные влюблены и намерены доказать это научно
Наука влюблена, и мы докажем это
Type: ONA (12 episodes), 23 min
Aired: 11 January, 2020
finished airing
Genres: Comedy
Studio: Zero-G
Rating: 7.27
Weighed: 7.27 (22 votes)
Grabbed by: 63
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Yukimura Shinya and Himuro Ayame are two scientists that want to find out if love can be solved by a scientific theory. These two scientists also have feelings for each other and want to be able to solve their feelings through similar theoretical facts. With this perfect opportunity, these scientists will attempt to solve the theory of the love they express for each other.


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