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Double Lottery in One Piece!

List your collections, make friends, enjoy our site…
And get a chance to win both figures of Ace and Luffy from One Piece!

There also will be smaller prizes.

The winner will be chosen randomly on the 4th of March.

In order to take part in the lottery you need to be a registered user (you can register right now, no problems) and have at least 1 lottery ticket.


How to get lottery tickets:

  1. 1 ticket = 50 SP (shelf-points)

    There are two ways of earning SP:
    • Add figurines to our database. You can get 1–5 SP per figurine. The service is pre-moderated.
    • Provide the missing details to our anime database. You will get 0.1 SP per field. No moderation.

    You can exchange SP for tickets on you lottery page. Keep in mind that your SP will be taken away from you during exchange.

  2. 1 ticket = 50 RP (rating points)

    You earn RP when other users rate your stuff: blog posts, photos and comments. Try to upload a couple of pics or take part in conversation — and you will see your rating rising up.
    • Comment = 0,1 RP
    • Photo = 0,5 RP
    • Blog post = 1 RP
    It’s OK to post news or copy-past information from your own blogs (like photo-reviews and valuable advices).

    You do not have to buy tickets with RP.
    You will receive a corresponding number of tickets automatically before the end of the lottery. And your rating will not decrease.

Earning tickets is easy. Don’t be shy, join us today, have fun… and test your luck! You may read more about the lottery or discuss it here.

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