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Revoltech Alice The Gate Opener

post's avatar: New arrival!!!

New arrival!!!

A package arrived for me today (3 days ago really but i have been too busy to actually blog about them) The box straight from Japan I love opening boxes slowly because the last time i opened one fast with a knife i actually scratched the box with it :( Its my third revoltech Alice First...

By megumi_vocaloid | Figures & Dolls | 03 May 2011

post's avatar: The next Queen's Blade revoltech?

The next Queen's Blade revoltech?

While randomly browsing the web i stumbled upon this. It's Alice from the Queen's Gate series as a revoltech figure.. A very interesting choice for a character as she hasn't appeared in the anime, but existing none the less. Sadly the picture is the only info i found. She looks great I'm t...

By mu597 | Figures & Dolls | 05 Jul 2010

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