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Mostly just for the sake of messing around right now, I'll get to working on and icon and all that here later. Firstly, I suppose a welcome is in order! I'm Jobibi/Rin, I don't really care which you call me. I'm a little white girl in the US who a...
Jobibi USA
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My Nendo Saber Lily arrived at Moscow a long while ago, but it was yesterday, when I finally managed to capture her. Well, surprisingly I'm not going to make any declarations of love here. Everybody knows she is fascinating! She really is. But...
Glory Russia
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Want to share some photos, that I made during Japanese pop-culture festival, which took place on the 4th of November (that means yesterday) in Moscow. First of all, I want to apologize, cause the photos are 'holy crap', really. Have to buy a prop...
Glory Russia
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As you can see, judging by my photo stream, I like to take outdoor photos of my figures. The problem is to carry them around safely. I found my solution for figmas, nendos and other relatively small figures. Here it is. Basically, it is a trav...
usagi_joou Russia
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I hope, no one is against me using 'shelf' for private matters. I used to keep a diary on Live Journal, but since I have my own place, why not blogging here? So... we are all 'exited' with weather in Moscow now. Some have already started to predic...
Glory Russia
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Hi everyone! This is my first blog post here in MyAnimeShelf :3 It's pretty cozy in here since it's still in beta and the community is just starting out ^^ I do hope that I can contribute even if it's just through the database :3 I als...
ninjovee Philippines
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I am the seventeenth person to register on this website P: Anyway, I have a lot of figures but none of them are listed yet! I am lazy and will add some later.
Rafira Australia
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And that's how my beloved Suzu looks now ~^_^~ I appreciate the pose. So expressive! And her face is so happy! Did you know that Tonkatsu (pig's name) means a cutl...
Glory Russia
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Lets start with a cruel story! Suzu from Kotobukiya is one of my favorite figure. Although she happened to become a very unfortunate one. Sit closer, kids... ...I got her from HLJ. Broken. As you can see, she has a big ponytail. It's also quite...
Glory Russia
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ellen Russia
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Vallefor Russia
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Today was a Soul Ccalibur day. We have invited our friend Ins and my girlfriend's Setsuka pwnd his Mitsurugi *_* VS...
Vallefor Russia
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