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Приветствую всех! Моя подруга попросила меня помочь ей с поиском новых клиентов для ее хендмейда. Собственно, поэтому я выкладываю этот пост. Общая информация: мастер находится в Архангельске. Как было установлено экспериментальным путем, н...
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AzureAmber Russia
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Hi again! long time no see you this time i want to show all the stuff that i bought from sailor moon. im a huge fan, and when i was a child, my mother didnt want to buy all the stuff from sailor moon that i wanted. so this is my chance to buy everyt...
otaku life anime stuff collection
pixiefrog Mexico
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Merry Christmas everyone! ...and a happy new year too! The most suitable Christmas picture I could find. Sorry I havent been posting much (besides pictures) lately. I've just been finding it difficult to write blog posts recently, I am working...
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mu597 USA
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mu597 USA
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Today I received a mysterious envelope from Japan! But When I saw the name I knew exactly who it was from. It turns out it was a Birthday card and gift from the MyAnimeShelf team! Along with the card it also contained a Steins Gate clear folder...
otaku life anime stuff
mu597 USA
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Looking at some recent preorders I noticed this interesting item. When I first saw the pictures I thought it was some sort of strange moe crucifix, but it is actually a dakimakura with "arms" so it can hug you back. A very creative conce...
anime stuff
mu597 USA
Edit tags edit entry 1 70 11 (11) 16
I received a big birthday package few days ago and I finally decided to make a post :D I remember spotting Akashi-san soon after I've made an account here and I thought I'd get her no matter what at the moment I've seen her. After putting a preo...
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TomatheSpook Russia
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Hi all :) Today I will show you a real cup magic xD Just make sure you watch the video first :P It was a small present for 23 February (it's the Defender's Day in Russia) from Glory and Franz_k. Thanks! :P...
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Vallefor Russia
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