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Kotobukiya Shinji/Kaworu pair figures review

Kotobukiya Shinji/Kaworu pair figures review
06 Jun 2010 01:27:53

Once in a lifetime I decided to make a review post straight after my figure arrived^__^
Well, in this case it would be not figure, but figures – Kotobukiya’s 1/8 Shinji & Kaworu from Evangelion.

This figure set originally comes from 2007 and was re-released couple of month ago. I couldn’t miss the chance to get my beloved Kaworu in 3D. I was also fine with Shinji. At first he annoyed the hell out of me, but on a third time I watched original Eva series I came to like the guy^^

And more reasons: on a modern figure market it is a rare occasion to have a 1) double figure at such pleasant price (4000¥); 2) double figure of MALE character.

I unpacked with a camera in my hand, so I can start from the package.
As figures are sitting the package is not to high and compact. I like that. The design is really decent.

The best part is its bottom. See this round window with Nerv logo. It has no practical use, as everything we can see through is the bottom of the square figure base. Nevertheless it looks fine.

Now to the base itself. It is made of semi-transparent black plastic and also has Nerv logo on it. Of cause Kaworu and Shinji can sit without it, but anyway it’s a nice addition.

The base is hollow.

Overall, figures’ sculpt is quite simple. There are not much of a detail on both Shinji and Kaworu.

But I like this simplicity, because it is true enough to anime. I also love their relaxed natural poses.

Their matching uniforms (with only difference in under-shirt colors) look great.

Let’s get some detail. First, Shinji. Perfect pose for this character.

Side shot. Looks good too.

And back. Creases on his shirt are outlined by blue paint.

Face close-up. My Shinji has a flaw on his left cheek. It looks like dust, but I can’t remove it=( But it is not too visible, so I’ll cope with it^^

Nice detail – pattern on sneakers’ bottom.

Now Kaworu. Oh, I LOVE Kaworu. He is a star of my constellation of silver-haired, red-eyed heroes.

Also, not too much detail on him. Side shot. I like poses when eyes can’t be clearly seen. It makes character to look enigmatic^__^ Enigmatic look suits Kaworu^^

Sneakers. Same as shirt – seams painted blue.

One more face close-up. Slightly evil look^^

Hand close-up. Seam is visible, but not too annoying.

More shots of two boys together. Both figures look down a little, Kaworu more, Shinji less. It is good for me, because my current shelves are far above the eye level. Some of my figures’ faces can’t be seen if they are looking up.

Seam on Shinji’s head is pretty visible and thus annoying. Kaworu’s seam is not so noticeable because of his locks.

Good looking pair.

Summing-up all – I’m really glad I’ve got this pair of figures. They’ll fit in any environment. They won’t catch too much attention from my guests (unlike half-naked girls), but they are loyal and decent depictions of my favorite characters.

Thanks for watching! ~^___^~
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mu597 (USA)
05 Jun 2010, 17:00:53
1 (1)
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I'm not particularly fond of other character but this set represents them well and it's nice to see them actually getting figures.
riraito (Russia)
05 Jun 2010, 23:22:36
1 (1)
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But in general, I discourage their chins.
usagi_joou (Russia)
06 Jun 2010, 01:50:36
1 (1)
Like this comment?
Errr... you mean "ZOMG TEH AKAGI", no?

If no, I'm just not getting something >___<.
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
riraito (Russia)
06 Jun 2010, 02:05:56
1 (1)
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My fail. I think about Akagi, but write "Kaiji"
usagi_joou (Russia)
06 Jun 2010, 02:18:13
1 (1)
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mAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAn! I must've been the first one to think about it, yet it didn't come to my mind!
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?
pineappleskewer (USA)
06 Jun 2010, 17:29:57
1 (1)
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I love these two! It's always nice to see more of the guys! I really dig the simple look going on with Kaworu and Shinji. I love the last shots with them back to back!

Shinji has such a cute face.... * _*
Oh Japan, why you gotta make everything so darn expensive? ; n;
usagi_joou (Russia)
07 Jun 2010, 21:03:01
1 (1)
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>>>I really dig the simple look going on with Kaworu and Shinji

Same here! Actually I don't like too detailed figures, they look stodgy, and you can't concentrate on the main thing.

This figures give many placing options - one more cool thing!^___^

Shinji's yours Kaworu's mine
everything's gonna be fine!

whoa, lame rhymes!%))))
I'm too old for this shit, ain't I?

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