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A good middleman service?

A good middleman service?
14 Jan 2011 16:26:35

Ok I'm way too tempted by this new snow miku.

Does anyone know middleman service that I could order her with? The only one I know of is Yokatta shopping would they be good for this? Iv'e never used a middleman service before so any advice would be welcome.

Edit: I endid up getting her from Biginjap.com
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KururuSouchou (USA)
14 Jan 2011, 20:08:53
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From my experience Yokatta has been great. Pretty good prices, and wonderful service. And while I'm not sure if they'll be going to WF, Akiba Concierge are great for tracking down older items, and have pretty good rates.
mu597 (USA)
14 Jan 2011, 21:29:01
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As I said I already made my purchase. But thanks for the advise anyways.
Kajico (USA)
15 Jan 2011, 00:37:52
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I bought from Yokatta my SHF Nazca and Figma Nodoka, I don't think I'm gonna shop with them anymore. The two biggest issues I have with them is their shipping cost is incredibly high and they didn't ship my stuff until 3 weeks after I had paid them the money for shipping. I also understand middle man fees but lately I've been seeing other middlemen under cutting them by a lot. While Yokatta has a supposed price match guarantee they will find some excuse not to meet it.

One instance was when they said Otacute was a business so even if they can get web or convention exclusive items, they aren't a middleman so they can't price match them. Then they went on to insult the way Otacute ships stuff by referring that to that one post on Figure.FM where the person paid for SAL shipping on an item and it arrived damaged.

After receiving my items from Yokatta, they really don't have a right to criticize another vendors shipping methods. The box I got from Yokatta was barely holding itself together, it was covered in duct tape and piece milled together from spare boxes (a practice long abandoned by Otacute).

Second instance was trying to get a price match against Rider Proxy for the Misaka SISTERs, they said Rider Proxy was iffy. They couldn't account for their legitimacy and as such could not honor the price match.

Ironic considering that Rider Proxy is in the same position Yokatta was a few years back, only known within the tokku circles and taking orders mostly through email and forum posts.

I think Yokatta has grown too quickly and has let that go to their head. I really can't recommend them anymore.
KururuSouchou (USA)
15 Jan 2011, 00:51:50
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Really? That's pretty sad to hear - the last time I used them was for Figma Reimu (around this time last year, actually), back when all orders had to be done by email and their website only had one page with just the contact info. It sucks to hear that they've gotten too big for themselves to handle. I remember how Tokyo Hunter reached that point in the fall, back when they ordered far too many of the GSC WF summer exclusives and ended up having to cancel about three-quarters of the customers' orders (poor, poor Neko-Arc - thank god for Mandarake).

Come to think of it, I should probably ask Akiba Concierge if they handle Tamashii Web exclusives before preorders close for SHF Skull Crystal...
Gomu (United Kingdom)
15 Jan 2011, 19:31:06
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I had them lowered their price once comparing to Tokyo Hunter, nothing like what you said, so I think maybe you just wasn't being very clear with them. Their shipping was okay, I never tried Rider Proxy, but Yokatta Shopping is much much better than Tokyo Hunter in terms of speed and pricing. Last year's WF was terrible with Tokyo Hunter, and I heard Yokatta managed to get slots for all of their customer, and has been hooking up with them ever since. I wish I had known them before deciding to go with TH for that. I paid about 2,000 yen extra for that incredibly stupid cancellation. I will definitely use them for this WF to order both both Miku and Makise, talking about learning from mistake.
Kajico (USA)
16 Jan 2011, 16:35:30
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Comparing Yokatta to Tokyo Hunter is like comparing Hitler to Stalin, you're only picking the lesser of two evils.

I've not been the only one to complain either, other people have been posting similar complaints.

For now I'm gonna stick with Rider Proxy, they've been attentive and quick, they got me a good deal on the Misaka SISTER since I was ordering three.

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