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Nendo-corner: WF Nendoroids...

Nendo-corner: WF Nendoroids...
06 Feb 2011 19:09:25

...there are a lot of them and they are absolutely cute

Nendoroid Madoka (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Nendoroid Totori (Atelier Totori)

Nendoroid Kawashima Minami (Moshidora)

Nendoroid Sendo Erika (Fortune Arterial)

Nendoroid Shiina Mayuri (Steins;Gate)

Nendoroid Cirno (Touhou)

Nendoroid Flonne and Etna (Disgaea)

Nendoroid Riela (Valkyria Chronicles)

Nendoroid Imca (Valkyria Chronicles)

Nendoroid Elsee (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai)

Nendoroid Hakua (Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai)

Nendoroid Minnie Mouse

Nendoroid Jack Frost

Nendoroid Gertrud Barkhorn (Strike Witches)

Nendoroid Erica Hartmann (Strike Witches)

Nendoroid Charlotte E Yeager (Strike Witches)

Nendoroid Lynette Bishop (Strike Witches)

Nendoroid Yagyu Jubei (Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls)

Queen's Blade Nendoroids

Nendoroids Panty and Stocking

Nendoroid Sharo (Anime version)

Nendoroid Noumi Kudryavka: Winter Uniform version

And Petits~

Nanoha petits (bundled with manga volumes)

(kinda want her >.<)

Nanoha petits (bundled with game)

Nendoroid petit Nadia (1575Y, August 2011)

Ilya (2500Y, September 2011)
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Glory (Russia)
06 Feb 2011, 19:13:53
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Nendoroid Totori, don't even think of becoming some stupid exclusive!
The rain beats hard at my window
While you so softly do sleep...
KururuSouchou (USA)
06 Feb 2011, 19:36:41
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The last one is Fate/stay night's Ilyasviel von Einzbern, in a magical girl outfit (it was from a spinoff gag-manga).

That being said, the Nendos didn't really strike a chord with me as much as the Figmas did. The only ones I really want are Jack Frost, Etna, Flonne, Panty, and Stocking, as well as the Nadia and Ilya Petits.
Impending_Sky (Russia)
07 Feb 2011, 18:58:26
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Thanks =3 (the funny thing is that I have Ilya petit in her usual outfit and couldn't recognize her here XD)
Kajico (USA)
07 Feb 2011, 04:13:11
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Nanoha canon from Forces has been up for preorder for some time, I can't wait for her though I'd love a Fortress form version. As if Nanoha wasn't already so much of a Gundam they had to go and make it super obvious :)

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